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With thousands of websites created each day, SEO is a way for sites to stick out. Some businesses might want to hire a SEO consultant. So, why do you need an ethical SEO consultant?

SEO is another word for search engine optimization. It is a tool for users to be able to effectively attract the search engines to their website's content.

Experts in search engine optimization are there to help site owners bring in traffic and make a site's listing closer to the top of the search engine results.

A career in SEO is challenging. Understanding how a search engine works and what keywords to apply to a site is a big factor. Because there are so many websites online, people are looking for unique information.

Searching using a word or several words is all it takes to pull up results. These words or sentences are also known as keywords or keyphrases.

Sites that have been optimized with these keywords will appear in search results when web surfers seek out that information.

This method does not produce immediate results. While some sites deal with many subjects, others only hone in on a few keywords.

SEO consultants can advise on ways to improve a site for search engines, like designing a site, placing keywords in content, and methods to make a site more available for web crawlers.

Ethical Search Engine Optimization is Important

It is important to use ethical methods to improve web pages. Algorithms in search engines can easily pick up problems like keyword stuffing and duplicate content.

Keyword stuffing is a method in which the user places a word or several specific words for the search engine to pick up and place well in search results.

It is not uncommon that the sites might be unoriginal and lack any valuable information. Sometimes is can be seem as spam.

Publishing the same content at various places on the Internet is called duplicate content. This is highly frowned on as this tries to stuff the search engines with the same content over and over instead of providing fresh or unique content.

Anyone who uses black hat methods may face some serious consequences. Not only does a SEO expert lose face, but it could effect their clients.

Usually sites are banned from being listed. In some extreme cases, some can face litigation charges according to laws.

Businesses that seek to hire an ethical SEO consultant should know that a good one will do the research needed and have reasonable goals to help the site improve.

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This tutorial was written by John S. Britsios (aka Webnauts), Search Experience Consultant at SEO Workers and was published February 27, 2010.

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