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The online business world can be a complicated, especially when it comes to learning about internet marketing. There are numerous acronyms that you'll run across, such as SEO, SEM, PageRank, and CPC just to name a few.

There are also good internet marketing (white hat) strategies to remember and bad, unethical practices (black hat) that you may want avoid for fear of getting penalized by search engines. All of this is certainly enough to make even the smartest of people a little dazed and confused.

So if you're not sure at all how internet marketing works or you need a refresher, there are some main points you need to know.

A Different Kind of Marketing

Simply put, internet marketing is using marketing strategies that are for the search engines. Even though you use internet marketing to attract humans and real visitors to your websites, the techniques which you use to achieve those end results are essentially food for the big Google giant and other major search engines.

For example, increasing your pagerank has everything to do with making search engine crawlers aware of how popular and authoritative your website is, but the end result is acquiring more search engine organic traffic.

Internet Marketing Terms and Techniques

Two terms that you'll undoubtedly come across during your internet marketing learning is search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). Even though many times these two phrases are used interchangeably, they mean slightly different things.

The first term SEO has everything to do with optimizing your website to be more readable for search engine crawlers. The second abbreviation SEM involves marketing your search engine throughout the World Wide Web to increase your rankings and search engine results placement.

However, these two internet marketing terms have a lot of overlapping techniques when it comes to putting them into practice for your website.

Optimizing your Website

One of the first ways that you can put internet marketing to practice is through the optimization of your entire website. Title tags, which have been used consistently by search engines over the years, are crucial to have your site get indexed and ranked in the appropriate space in which you need it.

Even though Google has admitted to not using the keywords Meta tag in its algorithms for ranking a website, the Meta description tag is important, because it helps to increase your ranked page CTR in the search results.

Also having relevant keywords or keyword phrases throughout your site matters. These keywords tell search engine crawlers that your website is relevant and matches up to your theme.

Off-page Marketing

Off-site or off-page search engine marketing is another crucial point if you're learning about internet marketing. Various ways exist to accomplish the same end goal of increasing your pagerank and getting higher in the search engine results pages.

For starters, backlinking strategies for your site matter. An internet marketing backlinking strategy involves locating other websites on which you can place a link back to your site. Each one of these backlinks acts as a "vote" for your site, which eventually pushes you up further in your pagerank and internet marketing goal.

As you can see, internet marketing is crucial for any website owner today even though the methods to carry out this type of strategy are varied and a little confusing. However, internet marketing becomes easier the more you use it, which means staying on top of your learning about this way of marketing is crucial to success.

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